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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  May 5, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> thanks for joining us. from all of us here, thanks for watching. tonight urgent search. nearly 300 school girls kidnapped by a man called the new face of evil. the chilling smile as he says he'll sell them. frantic mothers. the global outrage. can the u.s. find them. backyards burning out west and families fighting the flames bearing down on their homes. >> i fought like hell. this is my life. secret menu. do you know there's a secret menu at your fast-food restaurant? are you missing a chance to taste this? and how to increase the value of your home by $30,000. >> wow. >> wow.
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good evening on this monday night. as we begin this week, there is an urgent call for help growing stronger. minute by minute around the globe. this is the cry, bring back our girls. nearly 300 young school girls kidnapped by a man with ties to al qaeda in nigeria. he says he will sell the girls. and it's wrong for them to go to school. their families are in anguish as the world debates what to do. abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz starts us off. >> reporter: it is the face of evil. the leader of the kidnappers smiling. with that taunting chilling warning, i took your girls. they are our slaves. i will sell them in the market. the girls, 15 to 18-year-olds were taken at bedtime. the best and brightest. students in a nation with little education away at boarding school when the gunmen stormed in loading the girls onto trucks. tonight anguished parents of the missing are speaking out.
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>> translator: we cannot sleep said the mother thinking of our daughter and the other girls and wondering what they are going through. it is the work of boko haram. which means western education is a sin. loosely affiliated with al qaeda. they're responsible for dozens of massacres including the slaughter of about 50 teen-age school boys earlier this year. these girls are among some 50 who did manage to escape. the reporter spoke to one. >> the girls are alarmed and not sure what's going on. these men are dragging them out of bed and taking them outside and putting them in trucks. >> reporter: the girl said she made a break for it while the terrorist caravan was stopped. sprinting into the woods. running all the next day and finally reunited with her family. all of this because she wanted to go to school. >> they're heros. for braving a dangerous climate to attempt school.
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boko haram was trying to take revenge on the fact these girls wanted to do better for themselves. >> reporter: nigerian's president promised the girls would be found. is built little to the desperate marches in the street and little to quiet the wave of online support building across the globe. over the past week the #bringbackourgirls has been used more than 800,000 times including by hillary clinton. and a string of well-known names calling for action. if the nigerians want, the u.s. can possibly provide intelligence including overhead satellite imagery. the terror group is likely hiding out in remote areas. of the nation. but tonight, the u.s. is vowing to help in any way it can. >> martha reporting. as you know well, there is another girl who knows what it is to stare into the face of evil and survive just to go to school. malala yousafzai speaking out a message for those lost girls.
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and posting this picture. bring back our girls and calling them her sisters. now back here at home. the supreme court waited in the center of the argument about prayer in america. where we can hold public prayer and where we cannot. their decision seemed certain to ramp up the debate about religion in public spaces and life. abc's senior national correspondent jim avila. >> reporter: across the country today in government meeting from city council. >> let's put our hearts together in prayer. >> reporter: america's business starts with a prayer. and today the supreme court said go ahead, call on god, even by your religion's name for the almighty be it jesus, jehovah, or allah. we have your back. >> the court said we don't want to get in the business of trying to censor or to parse the content of particular prayers. >> reporter: the supreme court
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got the case after complaints from greece, new york, from an upstate town of 97,000 with 30 christian churches and one buddhist temple and no synagogs. nearly all the city council prayers mentioned jesus. offending two residents. one of them jewish. >> as a minority faith, i felt uncomfortable having christian prayer time after time recited and feeling that i was not -- i was an outsider. >> reporter: but the court ruled that adult citizens can, perhaps, tolerate and appreciate a ceremonial prayer delivered by a person of a different faith. by a five to four vote the court ruled as long as the prayer doesn't condemn others or proselytize, pray on. and while some hope this leads to prayer in school, religious symbols on government ground, experts say it is narrow, only guaranteeing the freedom to pray out loud and in public at
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government meetings. even for those who don't want to hear it. jim avila. abc news, the supreme court. now we head out into the heartland. oklahoma. while wildfire is raging. moving at lightning speed fueled by wicked winds, dry heat. homeowners and firefighters are trying to beat back the flames. abc's ryan owens is where the fire is moving in. >> reporter: in searing 98 degree heat black hawk helicopters drop water on hot spots. near the town of guthrie near oklahoma city. 30 buildings including six homes have been lost here. even though many homeowners battled the flames with whatever they could. >> i fought like hell. this is my life. look at it. can you tell me what was in my home? >> reporter: the fire claimed a life of a 56-year-old man who was warned to leave his home but refused. this fire kicked up sunday afternoon, a control burn on someone's property that quickly got out of control. >> it's very scarey.
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you've got to leave it in god's hands. if it burns, it burns. >> reporter: firefighters have worked many miracles here. ask scott ward. >> it was 15 feet away. and i thought for sure it was going to be gone. >> reporter: see that home, that's his dream home. weeks from completion. especially designed for one of his 8-year-old twin boys who is in a wheelchair. >> firefighters saying everything is still there. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: parts of oklahoma are more parts than they were during the dust bowl. from here the historic drought stretches south into texas and west to california. it's shaping up to be a brutal wildfire season. california has seen twice the number of fires it does in an average year. and nation-wide wildfires have consumed twice as many acres this year compared to last. tonight this fire is 75% contained. the fire chief has allowed people to come home. as you see behind me, some people don't have much to come home to.
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tomorrow another difficult day expected. more intense heat and more of these gusty winds. diane. >> and we hear the siren behind you now. thank you very much, ryan. now we turn to the new details coming in on that strange terrifying circus accident. thousands of adults and children watching. eight young women plunged 35 feet during a startling act. the women hanging only by their hair. abc's gio benitez has what happened. >> reporter: the shocking sight. eight women hanging only from their hair. twirling high above a circus crowd. today federal officials investigating how it could go so horribly wrong. watch again. this is the ringling brothers legend show in rhode island sunday. just as the curtain dropped, 4,000 people in the audience would see this happen. those eight women falling more than three stories, the giant contraption that held them aloft crashing on top of them.
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>> the crane was heavy. it took ten guys and you could see them struggling to lift it from atop of the girls. >> reporter: watch as the cable breaks free. tonight investigators have zeroed in on the metal piece called a carabiner. holding the apparatus up. >> that carabiner failed. it was a single piece of equipment that failed. >> reporter: remember, these performers are working without a net. watch this rehearsal video. ten rotations in just five seconds. experts say a head of human hair is strong enough to support 12 tons. >> nobody saw a net under the performers. is that standard that there wouldn't be a net under there? >> this act is not performed with a net. they're attached by their hair. they performed this act over 150 times. >> reporter: tonight eight performers remain in the hospital. one of them, whitney, a third generation circus performer. her father by phone.
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from brazil. >> she's okay. she's doing okay. only has a broken arm. and some fractures of the neck and back, too. >> reporter: he told us his daughter is of the circus and expects she'll be back under the big top. gio benitez, abc news, providence, rhode island. there was a call to action today about a disease we thought we had nearly conquered around the world, polio. on the march again. today the world health organization called the spread of polio an international public health emergency. outbreaks in ten countries in asia, africa and middle east calling on people in those regions to stop the spread by getting vaccinated before traveling abroad including to the united states. last month 68 confirmed cases. nearly three times as many as last year. we move on to the nba owner trying to hold on to his team. tonight the los angeles clippers back on the court for the playoffs. donald sterling banned for
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racism. may be forced to sell. when will the other owners decide? here's abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: the los angeles clippers facing their biggest challenge yet, a seven-game matchup against the nba's number one team, the oklahoma city thunder. nba officials meet again this week to determine how team owners can vote out disgraced clippers owner sterling. beloved coach doc rivers speaking out with espn revealing for the first time his players reaction to sterling's racist rants. >> when i walked in that room and looked at their faces, it was bothering them, they were angry. and they wanted to do something. >> reporter: sterling remains in seclusion tonight. still making the most waves, sterling's one-time companion, v. stiviano who opened up to barbara walters. >> is donald sterling a racist? >> no, i don't believe it in my heart. >> explaining her relationship with the embattled owner.
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>> i'm his everything. i'm his confidante. i'm his best friend. his silly rabbit. >> his what? >> his silly rabbit. >> his silly rabbit? >> yes. >> is that what he calls you? >> no. i call myself that. i joke around and make him laugh. >> reporter: stiviano describing sterling as traumatized and confused. >> i want him to come to his senses and believe it and feel it and feel apologetic to the world. i'm giving him advice he should apologize to the nation, to the world for his racist remarks. >> reporter: sterling's wife, shelly, released a statement saying she supported the swift and decisive action of the nba. two owners have spoken out so far about sterling, both saying they would oust him and one saying he thinks a vote will come quickly. diane. >> thank you, ryan. up next here at the hot housing market. we have simple ways you can
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next tonight our real money team is back. now is the busiest time for buying and selling houses. the latest number of homes sold in march spent an average of 55 days on the market. we have simple secrets how to transform your home and boost the value. abc's paula faris shows us how to put real money in your pocket. >> reporter: mira and chris home sweet home isn't so sweet. >> how many people have seen your home. >> we have had dozens of people. >> their atlanta four bedroom home hit the market four months ago for $170,000 but so far -- >> no offers? is that frustrating. >> it was a bit of disheartening. >> we were getting great house. >> hoping you find that perfect home. this is buying and selling. >> reporter: real money teamed up with hgtv buying and selling. twin brothers and real estate
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experts to figure out why this house isn't selling and turned these digs into a buyers dream. step number one, cut out the clutter. >> i kalt the ikk factorer, every time a buyer walks through the house, ikk, i don't like that where they just write off the house and walk away. >> even though it's actually adding value. to the mind of the buyers. >> reporter: step number two, paint. >> you cannot underestimate the power of paint. >> how much does that cost. >> reporter: the brothers say for just $30 of paint you could add thousands of dollars to your home. you be the judge. look at the living room paint color before and after. >> now it looks like a brand new space. >> wow. >> step number three, replace old fixtures like busted lights to make the room feel new and in the kitchen update your faucet. paint the cabinets and replace the hardware. >> what kind of return on the
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investment? >> instantly. the kitchen alone raised the value about 20 grand. >> reporter: light up a room with brighter bulbs and more lighting. >> you can make a room feel bigger and more inviting if you have proper lighting. >> reporter: and finally step number five, if you're going to invest in one big renovation pick new counter tops and floors. those have two biggest returns. the brothers were able to sell the home for $30,000 than they're initial list price. >> that's real money. >> reporter: we can't stress enough the power of paint and decluttering. it does not cost much but can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home. die app, they sold their home for more than list price and created a bidding war. four offers in four days. >> what is worth renovating and what's not? >> counter tops and floors, you will recoup the value. you want to avoid installing a pool or converting a bedroom into something for personal use. you will not get a bang for your
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because it offers a superior level of protection. and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. our "instant index" tonight begins with a headline about a startling kind of youth. what is being named vampire therapy. researchers at harvard and stanford found that transfusions of young blood in older patients helped improve memory, muscle enduring, even sense of smell. the older brain recharged by the young blood. even growing new cells. but the patients in this case were mice. though researchers are hopeful the discovery could lead to a breakthrough in battling alzheimer's and heart disease in
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humans. do you have the chops to follow in these footsteps. conducting a kind of star search for someone new. by the way, this was the face behind the original voice, mr. movie phone, russ leatherman a movie critic. applicants should have quote, compelling voices that would be featured on the phone app for smartphones. everyone trying to solve a mystery today. it's been three year since adel took the world by storm with this. ♪ we could have had it all >> "rolling in the deep." tonight fans are buzzing over a clue from the power house. she celebrated her 26th birthday today. tweeting bye-bye, 25. see you again later in the year. her first two albums, 19 and 21 were named for her age at the time. so everyone is guessing her album 25 is coming out soon. stay tuned. up next, a secret. have you heard of the cake
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finally tonight, we're going to let you in on a secret. word is out about the latest secret menus at some of our favorite restaurants. starbuck's, burger king. a lot more. so we sent nick watt out to uncover the secrets and tell the rest of us what we have been missing. >> reporter: i'm at starbucks. my morning fix. >> can i get a cake frappuccino. >> reporter: four shots and
5:57 pm
white chocolate syrup. i'm ordering off the secret menu. oh, you didn't know that? it's what all the cool kids are doing. posting their orders online, #secretmenu. >> it's something other people don't know about and some customers are drawn to that idea. >> reporter: many restaurants are allowing customers to customize and denying all knowledge. chipotle claims we do not have a secret menu. so i tried to order chipotle secret creations spreading online. >> can i get a quesorido. i'll have one of those, too. wrapped inside a burrito. >> whatever this is, it's great. >> it's basic consumer behavior psychology and might seem more
5:58 pm
appealing to people. that is until it gets too popular and then they move on to something else. >> i'm drinking candy floss and twix frappuccinos on national tv. it's official. these drinks are no longer secret. they're no longer cool. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. we thank you for watching. we're always here at "nightline" later. and i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. good night. >> team coverage on the air. the search begins for what wept wrong. >> details on the officer-involved shooting death of a east bay teenager. why deputies were forced to open fire. >> cinco de mayo in the mission
5:59 pm
district the campaign to protect and preserve the culture of the neighborhood. >> and a wandering bear cub returns to his old stomping grounds. what is likely to happen now that he's developed people skills. >> sky 7 hd shows federal investigators in inspecting the wreckage of a bi plane, killing a pilot who has been flying since he was a teenager. >> it happened yesterday in front of hundreds of horrified witnesses at travis air force base. take a look at amateur video of what happened. here, you can see the plane flying upside down part of a ribbon cutting stunt. investigators asking to see any video you may have shot here yesterday. and from another camera, here is a fiery aftermath of the crash. abc # news begins our team coverage tonight from travis. the ntsb says it will examine
6:00 pm
100 pictures and videos showing seconds before, and after the stunt pilot's plane hit the runway. >> the maneuver was a low level, inverted pass cut a ribbon. >> the biplane was flying upside down but instead of but he kept going down and burst into flames >> he was upside down. it couldn't be happening. >> the crowd makes an audible gasp. >> the fairfield mayor, harry price was 150 yards from the flight lane. >> when this happens it's a tragedy for everybody. unfortunately, this was the loss of life. >> first thing i was thinking is why aren't they getting out there faster? >> some witnesses say it seemed like emergency response on the airfield took too long. >> that would be part of the investigation. what i can tell you again


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